Hi folks! Sorry for the false alarm. This post is about several updates of our website.

Regarding the translation snipper who made some profit from our hobby, your love and supports, the ChocoCats crew agreed to make some actions.

You might already be aware since our beloved Kei already said it at Desuge chapter 30’s update, but here is a recap.

We are no longer doing the dummy MTL updates before the actual chapter’s update because that thing actually made Kei goes nuts (because they still snip it away! smh), so to prevent poking Kei’s patience even further, we agreed to care about it no more~! Kei will keep the quality of the translation despite whatever they do.

Thank you for your kind words of supports and suggestions about the snipping case. Based on that, the team agreed to disabling the right click to prevent copy-paste things within the site. We are sorry, but no touchy touchy~

We are asking for your consideration and understanding about the advertisement on the site. I know, I also dislike web advertisements, but we promise to keep it a bare minimum. Please let us know if the ads were inappropriate, misplaced, or bugging the site. We always welcome your feedback. Lastly, we are really grateful if you would disable your ads-block for us.

That’s it!
Please stay safe and have a nice day.

Sincerely, your freeloader.
sakikyu of ChocoCats.

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