Desuge Imouto 45

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Sluggish Kei of ChocoCats
Proofreader: Cinnamon-san

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(This is Makoto’s POV)

I modified my bookshelf and added a locker after I realised my feelings for Mai. So I can store some items for my plan when I needed them… like gifts for her. Please read this at ChocoCats.

But what was now locked away in the bookshelf were chains, handcuffs, and sleeping drugs.

They were tools to put Mai to sleep and chain her to this room. I had planned to execute this during summer vacation, but my parents suddenly went on a two-night, three-day trip, and the plan was accelerated.

Mai and I would be alone. It was a perfect opportunity. Nothing could intervene against us.

In those three days, I would kidnap her by force, break her, and make her love me.

I was anxious, but it has already been proven that creating pseudo-love was possible by pushing people to their limits. It may be categorized as a symptom, not an effect, but I couldn’t question the means.

I wondered if the Mai I would recreate would be the one I love, but it was better than losing her completely. That time… just like when she was hit by a truck, rather than letting her disappear far away, it was better to break her and hold onto her broken remains to fill this emptiness.

T/N: Ugh, I hate to admit but I find this side of Makoto a bit hopelessly romantic and it melts me.

Even though I decided on this, my heart never settled until the very end. Even though I should have fit the pieces of the puzzle together firmly, an uncomfortable feeling would come up, floating awkwardly.

To bury the uncertain emotions inside of me, I stayed by Mai’s side. But every time I saw Mai, my heart would become more and more disturbed.

Every time I saw her, I wanted to hug her. I wanted her to accept my love. I became so thirsty that I couldn’t help but think of wanting to cling to Mai.

While yearning for a sweet illusion, I had been dreaming of killing Mai, up until two days before my parents left on summer vacation. 

In the dream, Mai was chained up and rejecting me, so I tightened my grip around her neck. Her eyes, which had been shining, began to cloud over, and her limbs, which had been moving so well, drooped down lifelessly. I stabbed Mai, who was frightened by me, on her stomach, and blood flowed out, staining the floor a darker red than Mai’s lips.

Then I woke up in the morning with trembling arms. All that remained in my heart was regret and a prayer that I didn’t want to kill her. 

T/N: ;w; dang Makoto…

There was a time when I was deeply attracted to life and death. I used to think it was okay for Mai to die too. But not anymore. Even so, if I couldn’t have her heart, I feel like I could even kill her body. But I didn’t want to kill her. I didn’t want to, but if things continued like this, I would definitely end up murdering her, because the feeling of wanting to kill Mai still lingers. Please read this at ChocoCats.

T/N: Hello, this chapter is pretty short so I can immediately translate it and update.

This chapter… is a bit dark, idk but when I was translating this, my heart beats loudly, like, whoa Makoto is sure deep, he’s a complex character, and his description of killing Mai is really clear and made me shiver. I’m amazed by how complex he is.

Anyway, see you in the next chapter, and have a great day.

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  1. Thank you so much for translating this novel. I read everything well! This chapter gave me goosebumps. Makoto is really complex and it’s hard to fathom how deep his mind goes. He’s still in character even when he fell in love with Mai. His love for Mai and his urge to kill her intertwines in a really twisted and dark way. Mai really is treading on a thin rope. She’s luck she actually loves him as he is or else this is gonna be a horrific story real quick. I love how the author dances in that thin line and deliver it so well.
    Thank you once again! 🩵

  2. I love this web novel so much, thank you so much for translating it! I found this through the manga. Keep up the good work, fighting!!

  3. You won’t believe i cried after reading this chapter. It touched a part deep in my heart. It was dark, deep, romantic. He is a twisted psycho as always, but actually could finally find human feelings towards one. Makoto is desperately in love with Mai. But it’s actually quite terrifying and shivering instead of heart-melting. You will never wish to be in Mai’s place. Imagine if you have someone like Makoto as a stepbrother, then you are in love with someone else or you don’t like him at all, then it would become a total horror story. It’s honestly saddening if you think about it; being entangled to a crazy person for your whole life. They could suddenly kill you or anyone but you will never know why. They are cruel and unpredictable. Anyway Mai is really weird too. Loving a psychopass who likes killing and death, someone whose his every move is an act (lack of empathy), plays with people like puppets and so much more… I totally can’t fully comprehend both of them and i guess it’s a good sign, i’m sane….

    Thank you so much for your wonderfull translation.💜

  4. Aaaaw amo el punto de vista de Makoto, es tan lógico a su manera, es increíble como lo han plasmado ✨ muchas gracias por la traducción y tus puntos de vista del capítulo, me encanta leerlo :3

  5. I just binged all of this in one sitting and felt a touch of despair reaching the end. You have done an amazing job on the t/l, everything flows pretty well. I also rather enjoy your little reaction notes. Many thanks to you and the proofreader

  6. Makoto is the first male yandere I found and love him very much; however, this chapter is reminding me of another one I just met, and I want both of them to live happily.

  7. It’s amazing that the author managed toake Makoto stays in character but at the same time, his love for Mai is sane.
    He wanted to break her and make her his, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to lose the current Mai. He wanted to kill Mai, but didn’t want to lose her in his life. Thank goodness Mai loves him back. I can imagine that he will break Mai, kill her and then, kill himself😓.
    But he is much better than other ‘normal’ characters who is psycho when comes to love.

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