Desuge Imouto 44

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Sluggish Kei of ChocoCats
Proofreader: Cinnamon-san ;w;

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(This is Makoto’s POV)

I had heard that people lose their composure when they feel a sense of crisis. It seemed that this way of thinking also existed within me. Please read this at ChocoCats.

Hase’s desire for Mai was something I hadn’t anticipated, and it was enough to make me imagine what would happen if Mai developed feelings for someone else.

Driven by a never-ending sense of impatience, every time I closed my eyes, I saw the moment when Mai would run towards someone else. However, it was Mai’s classmate who had been close to her all along that made me consider killing Mai, ever since I saw him confessing his feelings to her.

On that day, there was a terrible downpour of rain, causing delays on the train ride home and making Mai wait longer than expected. I could have called her phone, but using smartphones was forbidden in middle school. Fortunately, even after I had graduated, I was still allowed to enter the school, so I entered the building with borrowed slippers as usual, without having to display a school entrance permit.

Mai was usually in the home economics room. She was good friends with the girl from the temple, who was in the sewing club. When I reached for the doorknob as usual, I heard a familiar voice saying, “It’s you, it’s you whom I like.”


Then I heard Mai’s dumbfounded voice. Looking through the window, I saw her sitting in the corner seat of the classroom with her back to me. Next to her was a male student wearing a baseball uniform, and I could see his serious profile as he gazed at Mai. Please read this at ChocoCats.

“I’ve liked you since elementary school. Will you go out with me?”

“I, Iwai…”

“I know you don’t see me that way. But I want you to acknowledge my feelings and see me as a man from now on.”

Straightforward words. Strong-willed eyes. Something that I couldn’t give to Mai. His voice alone conveyed more sincerity than I could bear. While I held my breath and waited, I desperately wanted to hear Mai’s answer. Before long, she shook her head and said, “I’m sorry.” Please read this at ChocoCats.

“I can’t go out with you, Iwai.”

I was surprised at how relieved I felt when she said those words. I felt sweat pouring down my forehead and hurriedly wiped it away.

“Is there no chance for me?”


“Iwai, I… I’m sorry.”

Mai lowered her head. It was good she rejected him. But at the same time, I felt anxious about what I would do if I confessed to her and she rejected me. Until now, I couldn’t imagine being rejected by Mai, but now that I had actually witnessed it, I could vividly picture it.

If Mai chose another man and parted ways with me…

I knew I shouldn’t have imagined it instinctively. If I imagined it, I couldn’t go back. After all, I didn’t even have a sane way of thinking.

“However, I still want us to get along as friends in the future.”

However, I still want us to get along as siblings in the future. 

Strangely, I could imagine it so vividly that it felt like I was the one being told that.

T/N: Dang, that’s kinda hurt…

And the next thing that came to mind was killing Mai. That night, I had a dream, so vivid that I could even see the detail of her blood flowing from her cut throat. Please read this at ChocoCats.

T/N: Hello, this chapter is pretty short so I can immediately translate it and update.

A little bit about the story, I feel bad for Iwai. I know he’s just a 2nd ML and rarely showed up in the story but I still pity him. The fact Mai never even mention anything about Iwai’s confession in her POV, was really sad… Author-sama is too cruel to my baby Iwai. TwT

Also, I’m very very very happy with all of your comments and support towards me, I can’t explain how grateful I was when I read them all one by one. I can’t say thank you enough for you all, so I decided to finish the chapter as soon as I could. It’s not the fastest I know but I will do my best again like usual, thank you everyone and I really appreciate your support for this series.

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  1. (idk if my previous comment posted)
    the pain of getting attached to iwai’s character despite his few moments in the novel and the. seeing him even less in the manga 🙁 it hurts cuz looking at the lack of distinguishable traits for his design and how the focus is more on his diologue, you can tell he was demoted from “one of mai’s devoted friends character” to “just plot device extra”

  2. the pain of getting attached to iwai’s character reading the novel and then barely seeing him in the manga 🙁 the way the first time they show him he barely has distinguishable features and the focus is on his dialogue shows he was really demoted from ‘’one of mai’s devoted friends” to ‘just plot device extra‘ (ToT)

  3. ahh so cute excited to read his pov !! its so interesting fr 😫 but yeah i feel bad for iwai poor baby :((

  4. So was this what triggered Makoto into planning his confession to Mai? Can’t really feel sorry for Iwai since he was not mentioned much, though it was obvious that he likes Mai.

    Thank you for the update! Hope everything continues to get better with you. ^^

  5. poor iwai lol he thinks he’s in a romcom.
    thank you for the chapter! once again, theres no rush in translating. take care of yourself, Kei. you have a good day, too!

  6. I forgot there was even someone named Iwai lmao, it’s so cheap, to create a char that is equal to plot point. He is just there to make big bro speed up his plans, and honestly it’s not even funny.
    Thank god his screen time is so miniscule that I can’t even be that mad.

    1. Gracias por la actualización!!! Y también por tu punto de vista 😀 fue refrescante ver lo que pensabas ^^ no puedo creer que makoto decidiera hacer lo que hizo por miedo y hasta sudara hahaha que lindo 🤭

  7. Thanks for explaining that we never actually see Mai’s point of view for this confession. I thought I missed a chapter, and I was about to reread everything. It’s sad that Iwai never stood a chance, but that much was obvious. Even in his introduction he only started getting closer to Mai after she started trying to surprise her brother. As far as outsiders were concerned, she didn’t like her brother anymore and Iwai saw that as his chance to close the distance between them, but he had zero chance from the beginning.

  8. Many thanks
    Take care… goodness poor guy, he didn’t even register in mai’s brain. Even the Senpai guy had more screen time in mai’s POV

    1. I know I shouldn’t be shocked with makoto’s way of thinking but it still surprises me. Enjoyed this chapter and thanks for translating it!

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