Desuge Imouto 41

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: The slowest snail Kei of ChocoCats
Proofreader: The Mighty Cinnamon-san

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Early morning when cicadas were singing, I glared at the date on the calendar in the living room. Today’s date was July 28th. In short, it was the day my brother in the manga would kill me. Please read this at ChocoCats.

Over the past two months, I’ve tried my hardest to surprise my brother in order to convert him no matter what it takes, but he wasn’t surprised even by the slightest thing.

In the end, the surprise offerings I had made up until now hadn’t changed my brother’s heart. But, how should I put it… I haven’t given up yet. The last and most mischievous surprise… the plan to confine him, still remained. There was no time to be discouraged.

“Mai, father and mother will leave tomorrow at 6. Behave and listen to what Onii-chan says, okay?”

My parents were packing their bags behind me. My brother, who was by my side, was helping while saying, “all checked up? No forgotten things?” with a smartphone in one hand.

“Hey Mai, are you listening properly?”

“I know. Father and mother too, be careful on your way.”

Out of all days, my parents were going to the neighbourhood association’s hot springs for two nights and three days, when tomorrow, the death game would be held.

I didn’t have to confine him if my brother could go on the trip with them! That’s what I thought, so I suggested that we all go together, but it was useless. Maybe Kurobe chose that day for the tragedy because his parents weren’t there. That was why my parents came home on August 1st… In short, I would be alone with my brother until the end of the death game.

I think my brother was going to use this opportunity to hold a death game. Therefore, I would also take advantage of this opportunity to confine my brother until August.

I had prepared food and water to survive inside for three days straight, including some spare, and a shampoo and body soap set that could be used without water.

I prepared handcuffs and secretly bought a chain online that would allow me to move to the toilet. In the first place, my room was filled with surprise goods, so it wouldn’t be suspicious if I bought something strange.

And in order not to deteriorate my out-of-norm brother’s mental health more, I rented movies and bought novels on my smartphone so that he could live a comfortable life in confinement. With this opportunity, I even bought a game.

I couldn’t help but feel it would have been better if I didn’t offer surprises from the beginning, but in the end, tomorrow the tragedy would still take place.

Furthermore, today, the day before the death game, I will be used as the scapegoat to be brutally murdered until my body becomes unrecognisable.

But I knew I would be killed. Just in case, I wore a blade-proof vest, and bandages all over my body to disguise it. I wore a cast around my neck while pretending to do cosplay. In case I would be pricked in the eyes, I also put on goggles. Maybe it was because I had been cosplaying as a hamburger and an origami crane so far, but no one even gave a glance when I dressed like this. Please read this at ChocoCats.

It was 8 am now. If things stayed like this, I would stay in the living room permanently. Luckily, there was no sign that my parents’ packing would end, so I would be safe here.

“Mai, isn’t it the time for you to get changed?”


I would be fine if I stayed here. That conviction was crushed at once by my brother’s abrupt words. When I blinked, my mother, as if supporting my brother’s words, added on.

“Ah, that’s right, the cram school’s field training starts at 11 am, right? You can slowly get ready.”


“Even if it’s not school, it’s not good to be late.”

Not understanding the meaning of my father’s warning, I looked at both of my parent’s faces. My brother, who had been fiddling with his smartphone then said, “Now go get ready. It’s already 8,” and pushed me out of the living room.

“Uhm, Onii-chan, where am I going?”

“Mai will be taking exams this year, so you will be going to a new cram school. We talked about it about two weeks ago, right? Did you forget? Or do you really not want to go?”

He talked in a persuasive way, but I had no memory of being told about that.

Two weeks ago, I was defeated by my brother when I talked to him in Slovak and Polish. After that, I remodelled my hamburger costume by stitching a cloth that made it look like the cheese was melting. But then, “Ahaha, how interesting. It makes me want to pull it out.” He just pulled it out with a tone that didn’t sound interested at all.

He never talked about cram school.

Despite that, my brother pulled me by the arm and casually led me up the stairs.

If he pushed me down the stairs, I would die. Wearing a hamburger costume would definitely save me, but right now I only had bandages and a stab-proof vest. In the worst case, I might also hurt my brother. I was prepared to sacrifice one arm to prevent the death game from occurring, but my brother just barged into my room without pushing me down the stairs.

“Eh, w-what is it? I haven’t heard of cram school.”

“Because I didn’t tell you.”

My brother affirmed the outrageous lie without hesitation. There was no sign of remorse as usual.

“Um, what is the purpose…? What are you trying to do?”

“Well. I’m thinking of going to an amusement park with Mai.”

Saying that, my brother smiled softly and took out two tickets. The tickets, with a Ferris wheel drawn in soft pastel colours reflected on them, looked like an admission ticket to a nearby amusement park. Thus, my eyes widened. Please read this at ChocoCats.

“Dear all visitors, we are informing you, it’s 1.00 pm at Kuozukioka Theme Park.” Please read this at ChocoCats.

In the lively park, I saw the staff pleasantly waving their hands towards me. Up ahead, a large Ferris wheel was carrying people into the sky, and a roller coaster was running up and down along the lanes set up on the water while raising big splashes.

After I left home, I was led by my brother, not to a guillotine, a cliff, or the depths of a mountain, but to a real amusement park.

I honestly didn’t understand. I didn’t think my brother would do such a high-risk thing as killing me at an amusement park, so I wondered what his purpose was.

I had certainly been to an amusement park with my family before. But that also applied to zoos and aquariums as I had been there before too. I couldn’t say this place was a very familiar place. It was not the kind of special situation or a place you go to for an anniversary.

What was also puzzling was that even in the amusement parks we visited, my brother didn’t seem to be trying to kill me by taking advantage of the attractions.

“Which one do you want to ride? Do you want to enter the haunted house again?”

My brother, who purposely intertwined his own fingers with mine, looked all around.

The haunted house that I just entered was a standard Western-style building, and it wasn’t an attraction that I, who had been doing surprise research there for the past year, would be perturbed by.

But because my brother kept repeating brutal acts such as touching my shoulder whimsically, stroking my hair, and so on, I felt like dying.

“No more haunted house.”

“Why? Even though it looked so fun. How about a roller coaster? It looks like it’s less crowded?”

My brother was saying it as if he cared about me, but I hadn’t forgotten that when we went into the ride before, he purposely explained in detail about the accidents that had occurred because of an incompetent inspection. Even though the key attraction of that ride was the height level difference, it was hard to enjoy the scenery now.

I wasn’t going to forgive him, but when he ate a hamburger for lunch, he said, “the one Mai’s made tastes better.” His minus point went back to zero. But the roller coaster was still a no.

“That one no, this one no, are you turning into a child because we are in an amusement park?”

“How can you say that… Have you forgotten what you did…?”

“Haha. Don’t be so angry. Even though we are already here.”

My brother looked at me with a playful smile.

Even so, today was the day before the tragedy. I wondered why did my brother want to bring me to this place? And was that all?

I wonder if my surprise offer had caused a change in his mind and he was thinking of making one last memory with his sister. Please read this at ChocoCats.

“Oh, let’s ride that.”

I pointed to the merry-go-round. Horses and carriages were gorgeously decorated and spun round and round. Horses were one-person rides so that way he wouldn’t be able to scare me about the faulty maintenance anymore.


My brother’s feet headed towards the merry-go-round. Despite the long lines for the Ferris wheel and roller coaster, only about ten people lined up for the merry-go-round. A carriage could only hold about four people, and it was possible for two people to ride on one horse, but there were a lot of them. The number of seats were more plentiful than roller coasters and Ferris wheels, so the turnover rate was probably high.

When I arrived at the merry-go-round, I was guided to the ride by the person in charge without having time to line up. I was troubled deciding if I should ride the carriage or the horse. But I couldn’t worry for too long. The ride was starting to rotate. After some thought, I decided to ride a black horse near the outside. I wondered where my brother would be riding, and when I turned around after I mounted my horse, he wasn’t just nearby behind me, but stood exactly right next to me.

“Scoot over, Mai.”


I was tapped on the shoulder. When I did as I was told, my brother rode the same horse as me with a nonchalant look on his face. I felt my brother’s warmth on my back. I didn’t understand.

“Wh-why are you riding my horse…?”

“It’s better to ride with people who can ride together, so a lot of people can ride too.”

Even if he said that, as I looked around, there were more horses that were not ridden by anyone, and it didn’t look like people were getting into the carriage. But before I could protest, my brother’s arm came around and grabbed the pole in front of me.

“Eh, eh, ehhh…”

“Look, it’s starting to move. Look forward, you are going to fall.”

The merry-go-round begins to move slowly with a cheerful melody. My brother slowly brought his face closer to me as if wanting to show me the scenery.

I hurriedly face forward, and my brother’s hand wrapped around my stomach.

“O-o-o-o-o-Onii-chan? A-aren’t you too close?”

error Mai.exe is not found lol.

“If you fall from here and hit a vital point, you’ll die. Even if your skull gets sunk in, it will be called fortunate. But it still will be painful.”

“The-there are people watching.”

“They do more amazing things there, you know.”

Following my brother’s line of sight, I saw two people who certainly seemed to be lovers kissing while taking a selfie. When I was staring in astonishment, my brother muttered in a monotonous voice.

“If you don’t say anything, no one will know, and we’re not related by blood after all, so it still doesn’t matter.”

“No, that’s…”

“If you keep being noisy, I’ll do the same thing as them to you.”

My body felt like freezing as he whispered that. But it wasn’t uncomfortable. My brother sighed and tightened his arm around me. But at the same time, I felt confused.

…Was I thinking, that I’d be okay with it if my brother did that to me…?

When I thought about it, I could feel my brother’s warmth on my back, our overlapping hands, and his arm around my stomach.

My chest hurt, but it felt different from what I felt when my brother was on good terms with Himegasaki-san.

Back then, I wanted to marry my brother. If I hadn’t remembered about the manga, I think I would have been so excited today while saying, “I’m going on a date with Onii-chan!” I would have been jealous of Himegasaki-san and would have complained, “Don’t bring that person here!” to my brother.

But now, even if I didn’t get excited, I thought it was fun to be with my brother. Even when he said he would kiss me in a roundabout way, I didn’t feel disgusted. For example, when I thought about Nagatani-san, who my brother was concerned about, or my classmate Iwai, I feel uncomfortable.

Had my senses dulled because I was with my brother all the time? Or did the feelings I had for my brother before I remembered the manga still remain?

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t find the answer.

In the end, my thoughts became entangled, and until the ride finished rotating, without being able to enjoy the scenery and the fun song, I could only think about my brother who sat behind me. Please read this at ChocoCats.

As people gradually left the amusement park, I sat on the bench with my brother while we held hands. The once blue and clear sky had been dyed in the glow of the setting sun, and the clouds were clad in a faint crimson hue. The attractions’ lamps were lit up, pleasing the eyes of families that were heading home. Please read this at ChocoCats.

After I got off the merry-go-round, I took a cup of coffee, did some window shopping around the park, went around the attractions again, and before I knew it, the sun was about to set.

Truly, the cruel time was going really fast. But, the way home was through a big main street, and I was going to sleep with my mother tonight, so I didn’t think my brother would kill me today.

But when the night passed, and dawn came…

The day of tragedy would arrive. Technically it was tomorrow night, but the night would come fast, just like today.

“Mai, it’s almost time to go home, so can I decide which one to ride last?”

It was the first time my brother said he wanted to ride something. As soon as I wondered what exactly he wanted to ride, there was only one thing that came to mind somewhere in my heart. An attraction that had not ridden today, but was drawn big on the ticket, as it was looking down on us.


When I nodded, my brother pointed at the exact place I thought.

“Then let’s ride the Ferris wheel.” Please read this at ChocoCats.

As we stood in line for the Ferris wheel while exchanging words that seemed to hide each other’s emotions, our turn came much earlier than we had imagined. Please read this at ChocoCats.

After being urged by the staff to get on, the gondola moved slowly and lifted us up into the air.

Outside the window, the tall buildings that stood far above all fell low to the ground as if they were aligned. Before long, my brother softly muttered.

“I just wanted to ride the Ferris wheel with Mai.”


When I couldn’t hide my surprise, my brother frowned in disappointment.


“No, I just think it’s kind of unexpected.”

“I guess I can’t deny that.”

My brother lowered his gaze. Before I knew it, the gondola was already halfway to the top. The sea could be seen in the distance, and illuminated ships were floating. The brightness from the shining buildings by the side, and because of the different perspectives, it felt isolated from the world.

“…getting into the line to ride something that just climbs up and then down, I can’t understand it.”

Before we came to the amusement park, my brother was always being absent-minded.

There were many times when I wondered if he was interested in me rather than the attractions, and even during parades and aquarium shows, he didn’t pay attention to the things that were shown, and he looked coldly at the people who reacted to them. But I now realized that my brother was just observing.

But today was different.

He looked like someone who was collecting memories one by one and keeping them away.

And that figure of his, looked like he was preparing to die or preparing to part.

“That was to enjoy such scenery…”

Kurobe Makoto was the most powerful man in the manga.

While preparing advantageous weapons for his classmates, he equipped himself with nothing but a knife. Although he tried to do himself a disadvantage, they all died as he expected, as if it had been destined.

No matter how compelling the game he made, the results were still as predicted.

The two survivors… the protagonist and the heroine had to win. After all, the title “Sayonara Heaven, Good Morning Hell” was about the boring life of Kurobe Makoto.

He was living a hellish boring life, and the boredom-free world he wanted didn’t exist in the first place.

In the end, he cut his own neck with a knife and died.


I sat next to my brother. Somewhere in my heart, I thought that if I was going to be killed, it must be now. But my brother didn’t even try to kill me now.

If so, will there be no tragedy tomorrow? I hoped so. But when I closed my eyes, the figure of my brother who observed the moment someone was being killed, didn’t disappear.

“What’s wrong, Mai?”

“Nothing. The scenery here looks better than there.”

“Then, shall we switch seats?”

“No, it’s fine as it is.”

Just like this, when the Ferris wheel won’t go up anymore and the gondola won’t go down.

That way my brother won’t have to die and kill his classmates.

It would be better if there was no tomorrow. No need for the night to come. I wished it was gone.

I turned my eyes to the gradually setting sun so I didn’t have to notice my dampened heart. Please read this at ChocoCats.

I couldn’t see my brother’s face. The day when I would regret not looking at my brother’s face would ever have to come. As I was holding onto the railing with my right hand, I took his hand with my other hand.

My brother clasped my hand. I worried that it would be the last time we’d hold hands like this. No, that day would never come. I won’t let that happen.

“Mai, why do you look like you are going to cry? Are you scared?”

“Nothing, I’m not scared.”


“For real!”

I was not scared of the Ferris wheel or heights at all. But tomorrow, the future where my brother would kill people and even kill himself was terribly scary. I tried my best to stop it. Even so, I couldn’t help but be afraid that tomorrow would come.


“Let’s come again next year. Even tomorrow is fine.”

I didn’t want the amusement park today to be my last memory with my brother, and even if he didn’t look like he would do it, I still wanted to see my brother the day after tomorrow, three days after tomorrow, even after a month, half a year, a year from now. But despite all that, I still couldn’t help to be scared that when tomorrow comes, my brother might be gone. Contrary to my wishes, the gondola descended steadily. As I resented the setting sun, my vague feelings finally took shape.

I loved my brother. Even if he couldn’t sympathize with people, or even if he was much crueller than other people. His figure that lived as a bystander looked so lonely, and I wanted to stand next to him. I may never understand. I couldn’t forgive the actions my brother was trying to do. But I couldn’t do anything, I didn’t want my brother to die. I wanted him to stay.


Hearing his gentle voice made tears well up. The scenery of the sunset was distorted as if it was drowning in water, and I moved my face closer to the window to hide from my brother’s sight.

What was there to do so that my brother could avoid being a murderer? What could I do to help him? Even if the story had been decided like that, I wanted to be with my brother tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and forever.

“Let’s go again next year? I want to ride the Ferris wheel again.”

When I said that, my brother that was reflected in the window only laughed ambiguously.

Then until we got off the Ferris wheel, as if such a future wouldn’t exist, my brother didn’t deny or affirm it until the end. Please read this at ChocoCats.

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