Desuge Imouto 36

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Kei of ChocoCats
Proofreader: Cinnamon-san ❤


Even with June just around the corner, my brother’s study session was still going on. I thought it was only during the test period, but apparently, it continued even after the test was over. On the day of the study session, my brother would come home with everyone, and I couldn’t offer surprises because everyone was there. This week my brother would be going on a school trip abroad and away for three days, so I became even more impatient.

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That’s why I had no choice but to do my best to bring my brother and Himegasaki together.

Thus today, I called Himegasaki-san to the kitchen while saying, “Could you help me carry the drinks?”

“Wait a minute… they’re going to be at room temperature, I will prepare some ice…”

Himegasaki-san now stood behind me as I pretended to rummage through the shelf.

I planned to make Himegasaki-san buy juice together with my brother by pretending that we didn’t have any juice.

After that, all I had to do was act like a selfish sister who begged her brother in the living room, “There’s no juice, can you go and buy some? Ah, buy ice cream for me too!” and force him to go with, “I have to study because I’m taking the exam this year!” excuse.

“Himegasaki-san, I’m sorry, it looks like we are out of juice. Please wait, I will call my brother!”

T/N: All this [out of juice] phrases gave me headache, or maybe because I’ve been looping Juice by Lizzo? lmao

When I was about to head to my brother’s room after I said that, suddenly my arm was grabbed by Himegasaki-san.


“I… I’m actually… thinking of confessing to Mai-chan’s brother, no, I mean Makoto-kun.”

Himegasaki-san’s words naturally made my chest hurt. This moment was the best opportunity she had been waiting for. But strangely enough, my heart ached. I nodded in order to hide my turmoil.

“Please do your bes-“

“Will you root for me?”

Before I could finish my words, the restless Himegasaki-san asked me, so I made sure to answer “of course!” to her.

I hoped it would keep going well. If it went well… the tragedy wouldn’t happen, and my brother wouldn’t have to end his life. But it strangely hurt.

“Onii-chan, I will call him. Please buy, the juice.”

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Just now, did I speak correctly? I wasn’t sure. My limp feet dragged as I headed over to my brother’s room.

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A few hours after Himegasaki-san announced her confession, I laid around on my bed, feeling perplexed by the mysterious pain. I didn’t know what happened to them after that. After my brother and Himegasaki-san left, I went back to my room. After that, for my surprise supplies, I modified a radio controller and attached a motor to the handcart that I received from my second cousin, to make it move faster. I didn’t even feel like eating dinner and just stayed inside my room.

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What was this feeling, was it guilt? The guilt of making the flower in the class, Himegasaki-san, get together with my brother, the Kurobe-kun.

No, it really hurt, maybe I was sick. It made me want to cry and I really didn’t like it. My stomach hurt too.

I wanted it to stop. When I was rolling around in bed, I suddenly heard a knock. This systematic knocking sound belonged to my brother. Without answering the knock, I hid inside my blanket and heard the door open.

He went inside my room without asking.

I didn’t care, I would just pretend to be asleep. I was sleeping. I had gone to bed in a huff.

…No, why did I have to go to bed in a huff? Did that even count as going to bed?

T/N: this is supposed to be a word twist, me and Cinnamon-san did our best to make it as close as the raw ;w; but well, sorry it’s not as funny as the raw ;w;

No, anyway I’m sleeping. Please don’t wake me up.

As I stayed still, my brother’s footsteps eventually stopped in front of me. Without a pause, he grabbed my shoulder from above the blanket, and I felt a squeeze from his touch.

“Mai, even if you pretend to be asleep, I know you aren’t. Because your breathing rhythm is different.”

Through the blanket, my brother’s voice sounded like a mumble. Maybe that was why it sounded different.

“What do you want?”

“Today, Himegasaki confessed to me.”


Even though it was supposed to be a happy and good thing, I accidentally said that in a harsh tone.

“…What do you think?”

“Nothing in particular.”

“I can’t hear you.”

After the retort, I felt an impact on my back with a thud. I got out of the blanket to find my brother on top with his face so close to me.

“Huh? What are you…?”

“I can’t hear you, so I thought I should move closer.”

“What the… You are heavy, move aside.”

“I haven’t received an answer yet.”


When I yelled at him, as expected maybe because of his good ears, my brother let me go and said, “Too loud…”. As soon as I got up, my brother was scowling at me.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because Mai doesn’t understand people’s feelings.”


Why do I have to be told by my brother about understanding people’s feelings? The one who didn’t understand was him. I was pretty sure that if I surveyed 100 people about it, I would win with 100-0.

“Enough, I have a headache and I still have to study, so please get out.”

“I’ll tutor you.”

“No need!”

I got up and drove out my brother. He was still about to say something, but I pressured him to leave. I heard my mother’s angry voice from downstairs but I vented my anger by saying, “I don’t know!” and closed the door.

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T/N: Hello, I’m glad I made it this week! It’s getting closer to D-day, maybe I’m excited.
Also, the modified handcart finally explained lmao. Truth be told, I was confused at first when Makoto (last chapter) mentioned that when he tried to create a good atmosphere between him and Mai he will get chased by a modified handcart instead. I suspect it’s another wonderful creation of Mai, and I was right ahaha.
This chapter was fun to translate because Mai really sounds like a rebellious teenager and that’s cute ahaha. I love how she knows she’s sulking but still didn’t understand why she’s being sulky.
Anyway, see you in the next chapter!

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    1. Hello, to answer your question, this novel has 55 chapters. It is just that the climax, or Day 0, or D-day, is in chapter 42. You can also check it on TOC (table of contents) to see upcoming chapters.
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