Desuge Imouto 35

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Kei of ChocoCats
Proofreader: Cinnamon-san~

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(This is Makoto’s POV)

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In the blink of an eye, Himegasaki no longer hid her affection for me. She decided the right time to hold another study session and called other classmates to join us at my house.

I let Mai see when Himegasaki and I were together, to make her realize that her brother was getting close to other people of the opposite sex that weren’t herself. I instilled it into her to show her that her brother was actually a man.

But I had also been careful not to make my classmates think that I liked Himegasaki. Because if later she became a hindrance and I needed to eliminate her, I wouldn’t need that kind of after-effect.

On the other hand, I emphasized to Himegasaki that I wasn’t blood-related to Mai, to incite her jealousy toward Mai and raise a sense of competition.

As a result, Himegasaki worked well as bait. Whether it was in front of other classmates during the study session or in any other situation, she showed good favour towards me with her attitude and speech in every possible way.

Of course, even in front of Mai.

However, it was useless. When I asked Mai for sweets or cutlery, rather than creating an opportunity for me to interact with her, it seemed that Mai was trying to set me up with Himegasaki.

She sent me to buy a drink together with Himegasaki and created an opportunity for just the two of us to be alone. She pretended to be nonchalant about it, but I knew. In the end, the plan failed.

Also, my classmates who came over to my house treated her favourably, saying she was so cute and all.

Some asked me for her number, and some tried to contact Mai privately.

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There is even someone who already invited her out. I would have never made such a mistake before. Come to think of it, Mai’s way of thinking was unique. I applied the thought pattern of common people to my plan, so no wonder it went wrong. I noticed that right after I failed. I wondered how foolish I had become.

If it were me before I fell in love with Mai, I might have ridiculed my own idiocy.

“Kurobe, is it okay if I ask your sister out?”

When the boring class was over and I was collecting the notes the teacher told me to, Nagatani, who was in the same class, lightheartedly asked me that.

“…What do you mean?”

“Ah, how should I say it… I think your sister is cute. But she’s your sister, so I thought I should ask for your permission first just in case.”

After entering high school, in order to not seem suspicious when I left early and got worried about my sister’s wellbeing, I gave the impression to those around me that she had a severely frail constitution. Just to make sure Mai wouldn’t receive a low valuation when entering high school, I also added that there were so many times she couldn’t remain calm because she often stayed at home.

“Your sister is cute and I feel like I need to protect her.”

Just like that, when I saw his smiling face while playing dumb, I felt my body freeze all in one breath.

Was it her face, or her behaviour, I didn’t know. Or maybe he just liked younger people. However, I understood well that his definition of “cute” was different from what humans said about a newborn baby.

But it didn’t matter what his intentions were. I thought I’d eliminate it.

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