Desuge Imouto 33

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Kei of ChocoCats
Proofreader: Cinnamon-san the Great

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● 120 DAYS AGO

(This is Makoto’s POV)

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Even though I realised my love for Mai, I didn’t immediately confess it to her.

I was sure that I wasn’t normal and had a higher ability than any normal human, but I still lacked the empathy that humans normally had.

I never considered that fact until now. Even if I didn’t have any empathy I can gloss over it by faking it. After all, humans were easily deceived, so it was convenient for me, and I had no intention to make my true self become understood.

But after I became aware of my feelings for Mai, my shortcomings made me concerned.

Despite her eccentricities, Mai could empathise with others, the minimum ethics and morals required as a human being. On the other hand, even when I pretended to be an obedient child, I didn’t have any of those thoughts.

Would Mai fall in love with such a person? To have her would be like dragging Mai down towards hell. I thought it would be good if I could change for Mai, but I didn’t want to change. If I could deceive her, I would. And once everything was exposed, there was only one thing to do.

But even if I had to drag Mai down towards hell, as long as she wasn’t aware it was hell, it would be fine.

That’s why I played the role of a gentle brother who always cared about his sister. As I acted, I tried to gradually change Mai’s normality. Little by little, as if I were encroaching upon her.

To begin with, holding hands inside the house had already crossed a sibling relationship’s boundary. However, I explained to the two parents that Mai had been dangerously playing with sharp objects and she was almost bathed in boiling water too. I influenced them so it wouldn’t sound unnatural.

This time too, I would use the same method. I would make them think that having me beside Mai was a given and they would feel uneasy when I wasn’t around. After all, we’d been together for a while, so it shouldn’t have taken much time.

“By the way, have Mai decided on her high school?”

While Mai was doing something with a saw amidst the noise in her room, I spoke to both of the parents who were having a good time together in the living room on the first floor. I thought the mother would have some kind of hope for Mai’s future choice because they were blood-related, but it didn’t seem to be the case. “She hasn’t decided yet…” she smiled awkwardly.

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“I think it’s better for her to go to the same school as me.”

“Same as Makoto? Why?”

The father tilted his head. The reason I chose my high school is that it had the highest deviation in the prefecture. I went on to school just as my parents and teachers wanted me to, but Mai wasn’t highly talented. My high school was supposed to be excluded from Mai’s choice of schools, so it was a natural reaction for the father who couldn’t accept it.

“She can just walk to the middle school, but she must take trains or buses to go to high school, right? Back then she would jump into the pond, so it’s scary thinking she would also do the same thing at the station platform.”

I purposely avoided using the ‘run over’ words. Let them imagine it themselves. Neither of them had any special intuition to immediately get the idea, but if presented with hints, they seemed to be able to guess the answer. Realizing what I meant, their faces turned pale.

“Right now she seems calm, but it isn’t some kind of physical sickness, so there’s no way she can be treated, right? There is a probability she might suddenly jump from the school building. Right now, there’s the temple girl… Yukari-chan…? Who can keep an eye on her, but things will be different once she enters high school.” I explained.

“But isn’t it hard to aim for Onii-chan’s high school with Mai’s current grade?” The mother asked.

“I will help too, I will teach her and have her study with me as much as I can. Mai taking the exam is pretty worrying, isn’t it? It would be good if she can overcome her stress, but she doesn’t know what to do. Right now she talks to us normally, but when that moment kicks… then…”

The two parents faced each other. After pondering about it together, they said, “Please take care of Mai…” to me.

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  1. At least, they don’t romanticize too much and realistically explain how a sociopath can be a very dangerous person. I like this story, thank you for the translations that you have provided us!!

  2. Thank you for the translations.

    Makoto is really amazing and smart.. sociopaths are truly scary. So that’s why he’s spreading rumors that she’s sickly.. he’s paving the way for when she enters his high-school. And to effectively manipulate the parents into thinking that she should be stuck by his side practically 24/7. He’ll just appear as a perfect son and brother. He’s really good.

    I want to read his pov with his classmate trying to hit on Mai~ exciting and intriguing.

    Thanks again!

  3. This point of view from a sociopath is seriously intriguing, it’s kind of like getting a glimpse into an alien mind haha. Oh man, it does seem like Mai has succeeded in her original objective of preventing the Death Game, but she might have succeeded too well. Instead of Makoto exploring death he’s trying to manipulate Mai. What I’m super curious about is just how far he’ll go, and how elaborate his plans will become. He’s already spreading rumors that Mai is a sickly person etc.

  4. Wow he being juicy manipulative LOL. So interesting to read his POV!
    Thank you so much for your hard work and the translations!

  5. Many thanks
    Damn. He wants his cake and to eat it too huh? Love her, knows her character, but doesn’t want to change himself so he changes everything else surrounding her??

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