Desuge Imouto 31

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Kei of ChocoCats
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Spring break passed so quickly, and my brother finally entered the high school where he would hold the death game. There might have been some characters from the manga in his high school, but I couldn’t go to my brother’s high school because I had just advanced to the third grade of middle school.

It was already late April, the situation hadn’t changed, and all I could do was poke Yukari-chan’s cheeks in the classroom with frustration.

“Nuhh, sthoph ittt, Mai-chan.”

“Ugh, but I can’t calm down…”

“Well, I understand how you feel, but don’t relieve your frustrations on people’s cheeks.”


Because of Yukari-chan’s complaint, I stopped. Even in the third grade, I’d never been in a separate class from Yukari-chan, so we’d been together for 9 years. Then…

“What are you doing so early in the morning?”

This year, I got into the same class as Iwai. Well, even when he was in a different class, he always visited, so nothing really changed. 

“By the way, have you decided on your high school? It seems like they’re going to move up the submission of the career choice survey.” (Iwai)

“How so?” I asked.

“Because from this year onward, the exam procedures will change? It seems like test preparations will be separated by class. That’s why Hara-sensei said that we should decide early while we can.”

Hara-sensei was the adviser of Iwai’s baseball club, and he was also the head teacher of all classes and in charge of students’ career paths, so there was no mistake.

“Have you decided where you’ll go, Yukari-chan?”

“Yukari hasn’t decided where yet… but maybe she wants to go to a high school that specialises in clothing and design~?” (Yukari)

As a reminder Yukari always use 3rd person to refer to herself, it’s cute so I always try to match it in English.

“Cool… So cool… What about you, Iwai? Are you just gonna apply to any of the top-ranking schools that have baseball’s powerhouse?”

“I haven’t decided that much yet. And I can’t decide on a high school only going by their baseball team.”

Iwai made a grumpy face at my question. Iwai was the baseball club captain, so I thought he would choose to go to a high school with that in mind.

“What about you? Which high school will you go to?” Iwai asked.

Iwai’s questions choked me. High school… what to do? Before that, I had to stop my brother from trying to kill all of his classmates. If I didn’t stop my brother, even if I was accepted at any high school, I probably wouldn’t be alive to enjoy it… In the first place, if I got killed this summer, I couldn’t even take the entrance exam to go to high school.

“I have something important in the summer, so I won’t be able to think thoroughly about high school until then…”

“What? Isn’t it too late? And when in summer?”

“July… around the 29th”

“What’s up with that exact date?”

Iwai looked at me suspiciously, and Yukari looked confused. I couldn’t tell them, but my brother would kill all of his classmates at this rate. I wanted to stop it. It sounded simple, but deciding where I should go in the future was difficult.

“Decide it quickly,” Iwai said.

“Alright, alright.”

“Don’t just ‘alright’ me, don’t you have to decide things like this seriously? …Geez, understand my situation too.”


“A-anyway! As Mai-chan’s older brother goes to high school, he’ll have a school trip overseas, right?” Yukari asked.

“Yeah. That’s right… It’s at the end of the month. For boarding experience.”

My brother’s high school had an event to do a homestay for two nights and three days overseas as soon as he entered the school. As expected, it was a high school where all security management was fully automatic – it was highly developed. I thought that the cost would be expensive, but my brother had the highest score on the entrance exam, so it seemed like the school would cover all of my brother’s travel expenses.

Thus, I didn’t think he’d hold a death game during that period, but now that there’s less than two months before the game starts, having three days without doing any surprises would deal significant damage.

“If you sneak inside his suitcase and follow him, you’ll get caught immediately.”

“When the suitcase passes the x-ray scan, they will find out. They will arrest Mai-chan.”

“This is hard… the career path and all…”

Yukari liked clothes, so she decided to enter a high school for design and sewing. Iwai would probably go somewhere with baseball in mind. He had a buzz cut*, after all. But I didn’t have any particular high school that I could think of. If I didn’t remember my past memories, I would definitely choose my brother’s high school though…

*buzz cut is a mandatory haircut for baseball player for some school.

I gazed at the blue sky outside the window, contemplating my future choice.

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While I was lost in my own thoughts, school had already ended. I packed all of my books into my bag in a rush. Even though I was able to take notes while in a daze, I had a feeling that there would be some errors here and there. ‘Oh well…’, I ran towards the shoe lockers while thinking so and saw my brother at the school gate. He stood out even from a distance thanks to the people who surrounded him.

Even though my brother had graduated, he still came all the way to my middle school to pick me up. My middle school and home were within walking distance, but my brother’s high school was five stations away. Even though it took time, he still insisted on picking me up every day. I didn’t understand why.

Aside from being ‘a good brother’, I feel like he started to gain ​​an sister complex. But the people around me saw him as ‘the gentle brother who cared for his sister’. Back then, I once said to my homeroom teacher, “I’m going to be teased, they will say he has a sister complex…”, and she told me “Who would say such a terrible thing!”, and emphasised, “He’s a good brother, you know!”


As I tried to call my brother, my legs stopped.

Next to him stood a slender beauty with long, silky black hair. Without a doubt, she must have been the heroine of the Sayo Jigoku/Good Hell manga, Himegasaki-san. But, why was she here…?

“Mai, welcome back.”


After my brother noticed me, Himegasaki-san followed his eyes and looked at me. “Is this girl Kurobe-kun’s younger sister?”

“Pleased to meet you, my name is Kurobe Mai.”

“Nice to meet you too. I’m Himegasaki Yuria. I’m in the same class as your brother, we’re both the class representatives.”

I know. Her profile appeared in the monologue section of the manga. But why was Himegasaki-san here? There was no background story saying she was close to my brother, not even the fact that they were class representatives together. If I had to say, I only knew that she was a woman who was beyond everyone’s reach. She had little association with the boys. She was supposed to be the lone wolf cool beauty archetype.

“I’m going to do a study group session at home today.”

My brother glanced back, and the students in the same uniform as him peeked out from over his shoulder. I could also see the other characters that I had seen in manga. Perhaps there was a study session in my brother’s room that was omitted in the manga. But I don’t think picking up his sister from middle school was part of the original manga.

“Uh, then you can just go ahead without picking me up, right?”

“No way. Isn’t it dangerous if you fall down by the roadside?”

My brother shook his head, but the reaction of his other classmates behind him was different. “Oh, it seems your sister has a weak constitution,” “She was hospitalized the other day.” Somehow, they had the impression that I had a history of being sickly.

“Mai is already here, let’s go.”

The group moved as prompted by my brother. When I looked at my brother’s unreadable face, he asked, “How are you feeling?”, acting as if he was worried about my condition. My brother’s classmate from behind immediately began to talk to me.

“Anyway, Kurobe’s sister is so cute, isn’t she? Are you in third grade now?”


“Woah, you are going to take the exam this year right, it must be hard. If you were hospitalized, you couldn’t attend half of it, right?”

No, even though I got into an accident and was hospitalized when I was in second grade, I had a certificate award at home for one year of perfect attendance… Just as I expected, I think that my brother’s classmates’ impressions about me were being manipulated.

When I looked at my brother, he replied, “it was hard, right?”, asking me to agree with him. I nervously nodded under his pressure, and his classmate said enthusiastically, “But since she’s this cute if she’s also sickly, it’s understandable for you to be so overprotective.”

“Right,” my brother replied.

Himegasaki-san, who walked along beside my brother, looked at me and nodded.

“Your sister is certainly cute, isn’t she.”

But that voice felt a bit cold and I remember feeling uncomfortable.

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