Desuge Imouto 26

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Kei of ChocoCats

● 225 DAYS AGO

(This is Makoto’s POV)

Ever since Mai was run over by a truck, I seemed to become crazy.

I can’t calm down if I can’t see her figure.

In general society, that attachment is called “overprotective,” but I doubt if my feelings really qualified to be called that.

Am I as an older brother, couldn’t let my sister die, or am I obsessed with Mai’s life as a weird person? I’m not even sure myself.

I never thought of Mai as an equal partner. That person is just a sister who appeared after my father’s remarriage. At this point, what do I’m wishing for?

So, I thought I want to go back like how it’s supposed to be. I want to prove that nothing has changed. That’s why I decided to put Mai by my side. On the other hand, even after the accident, my sister’s eccentricity does not seem to subside. She keeps making weird bento for me.

The taste is normal, but the appearance is strange. It’s beyond the normal human senses. Even in a single glance, I know that is very time-consuming.  

“Isn’t this possible!?”

As I flip through the textbooks for tomorrow’s test without any motivation, I heard Mai’s voice from the next room. Because the walls are thin, if not careful, any sounds will pass through. Unlike Mai, I don’t use a saw in the room, nor move dozens of cardboard boxes. So, she won’t notice how loud she is.

“I can do this with rolled omelette!”

Mai plans the bento lunch’s contents before going to bed. She told me, “Never open it until you are going to eat it!” So, I shouldn’t listen to her, right?

I sighed and took the earphones out of the drawer. Originally, I won’t listen to music when I’m studying, and I only used it for English listening practice. However, I’ve been using it frequently recently.

At this point, I don’t feel annoyed by Mai’s voice anymore. But I still have a feeling that I shouldn’t listen. On the other hand, Mai doesn’t seem to have any suspicion about me who is suddenly listening to music with earphones.

My inner thoughts seemed to be eroded, it felt uncomfortable.

T/N: Hello, I’m very sorry in advance if this chapter somehow messed up. I’m trying hard, but Makoto’s POV is really confusing.

I spent like 3 hours for one sentence, just brooding over why he’s should not have suspicion/doubt about himself who listens to music, then I just realized he actually talking about Mai. In Japanese raw, there is no subject, object, or any target person he referred to, so it’s dang confusing. I’m glad I found enlightenment before I give up. I racked my brain a lot for it. I’m totally gonna binge sweets for translating the next chapter!! Lol

Anyway, thank you for Impostor for the ko-fi last week!! Also, thank you to everyone who supported me in many ways, I feel encouraged when I read the comments!

Tbh I’m really not confident with my English, I got rejected a lot of times in the interview tests for translating jobs, so I thought my way of translating is not smooth… but I’m glad when I saw some comments saying the translations are good. I will still study and learn from my mistakes tho!

Anyway!! See you in the next chapter! Hopefully soon!

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24 thoughts on “Desuge Imouto 26

  1. I can’t believe you aren’t a native Japanese or English speaker. Everything flows well and is very natural! I’ve only noticed a handful of typos and you’ve done 25 chapters!! If it were me, there would probably be like 8 times as many (typos) lololol..and I’m a native English speaker
    _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):

    1. Ahaha, I’m glad! yes, I’m not a native Japanese nor an English speaker, but I majored in Japanese Literature, so I can do at least basic things like translating into my country’s language, but it start to get hard from my language to English. So I’m sorry for the typos or errors. Thank you anyway!

  2. I’m really loving this and can’t wait to read his POV. Thanks a lot for the translation!

  3. Who said your English isn’t good?! ಠ,_」ಠ it is so good to the point I don’t read the same sentence twice to make sense.
    Its really really nicee!
    And as always thanks for the hardwork!! 💟

    1. Thank you for translation. I think your english is improving! Good job! I can understand most of it.

      1. Thank you, I feel very happy knowing my English is improving, I hope I can keep it up and give you all smoother and better chapters in the future!

    2. Thank you for your kind comment! I’m glad it’s easy to understand and I hope I can deliver you smoother and better chapters in the future too!

  4. thank you so much for the work you’ve put into translating this novel. after reading all the chapters you’ve got here, then the translated manga chapters, i just had to go MTL the raw webnovel – and man did i enjoy it! to be honest i’ve reread it like 7 times now. i can’t wait to read your translation of the rest of makoto’s pov (this comment was written for ch25 lol) – you guys are in for a treat for the upcoming chapters 😉

    thoughts on the chapter – makoto’s feelings for his sister are changing and he’s super unsettled by it – i just loveee that. he’s gradually coming to care about mai and he’s like “thanks i hate it”. it’s nice that he’s actually making an effort to not eavesdrop on mai’s bento planning – i actually didn’t catch that while MTLing and it adds a nice bit of nuance to the scene. also its nice to see that even though her life is at stake, mai seems to be having fun doing these little “surprises” for her brother. she’s so resilient and optimistic and those two traits are what i really like about her, as well as her openmindedness.

    are you looking for a proofreader by any chance? i noticed you didn’t have one listed for some of the early chapters and i was wondering if i could fill that vacancy (if there is still is one of course). i don’t have any previous experience in proofreading but i am a native and fluent english speaker. if you’re interested, you can drop me a line on my discord – Cinnamon#5598 – or to my email – makeawishonmylove444@gmail dot com. once again, absolutely no pressure, just want to see if i can help out ^^

    1. Hello, thank you for your kind offer. I usually proofread myself (which explains the errors and undeveloped sentences). I actually have a lot of doubts about having a proofreader because of my inconsistency on updates and I’m afraid to burden other people with my work (especially with my inconsistent schedule and health). And I am also not confident I will be able to adjust the schedule well.

      But, I will add you on discord, and maybe we could have a little chat (about this). I hope you don’t mind!
      Thank you once again for your kind offer, I will really consider it.

    2. Oooo thanks for the insights! I’m also surprised Chococats-sensei isn’t a native English speaker. This is one of the smoothest translations I’ve read for a novel in soooo long. It’s refreshing! Thank you everyone for your hard work!

  5. thank you for the translation, so excited to see how this relationship continues to develop. I’m not a light novel reader but this is the one story I make an exception for. thank you again!!

  6. Thank you so much for all your hard work providing these translations for us! I’m in love with the story and characters ~ your words are very easy to follow and understandable so I hope your confidence in your own skill grows !

  7. Thank you for the update and your hard work! Reading this makes me really happy! It’s such a unique story!

    1. I’m so glad! Yes, English isn’t my first language, so I had a hard time translating because I was like Japanese > my country language > English, like, 3-way translate ahaha. Anyway, thank you and have a good day!

  8. It’s really interesting to see Makoto’s side of the story. I wonder how long it will take for him to accept or realize that Mai is now someone special for him.. someone who he sees as his equal.

    Thank you very much for the translations! There may be some mistakes here and there, but the thought is still completely understandable and we know how hard it is to translate, so you’re really doing a good job. Much kudos and appreciation!

    1. Hello, thank you very much for your kind comment, I’m curious about the mistakes you mention (wonder if I can fix them) but I’m glad if the story is still understandable. I hope you enjoy the rest of the ride and have a good day!

  9. for not suspicion part, maybe he means about how Mai don’t think that he would know about her surprise trick from her voice at all

    and he suddenly use it lately so he wouldn’t know about them

  10. Many thanks
    Wow… he’s taking in account that she wants to surprise him so he’s not eavesdropping… how… strange of him

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