Desuge Imouto 23

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Kei of ChocoCats

○ 156 DAYS AGO

It can be said that Kurobe Makoto is a person who looks down on everything. From the time he was born, he vaguely felt that there was a big gap between himself and others, and he had no choice but to express his emotions according to his surroundings, mimicking an honour student.

So, he has no romantic interest, let alone friendship or familial love. And he has no motivation to get along with people other if there are no profits. Familial love is the same, and the reason why he gets along with his sister, Kurobe Mai, is because if he does, everyone will think that he’s “a gentle brother”. But…

“Mai, do you think this graduation speech is okay?”

It’s graduation rehearsal. During the break, my brother came all the way to the second-grade seat and asked me what I think about the speech.

“Sound good…”

“Really? Isn’t that a very half-hearted reply?”

My brother said so and observed my face. My left hand is holding the speech script, while my brother held my other hand. Talk about the surroundings’ reaction, Yukari-chan and Iwai look at us with suspicious eyes, but the other students are saying, “They are doing it again”.

It’s been three months since I had an accident, but since then, my brother has been openly guarding me.

(T/N: yea, he’s not only watching closely but also grabbing Mai’s hand in every chance he could too, so I choose ‘guarding’ instead of ‘watching’. And yes, our Makoto is blooming into fine possessive yandere lol)

Originally, after I was caught diving into the pond eight times, my parents asked him to watch me closely. But back then, when my parents are not around, he will completely ignore me.

However, after the accident, he started to grab my arm whenever he can.

If a small child clings to his mother, I understand… but he’s already a third-grade middle schooler, older than me, to be exact, my older brother. Somehow, he makes me feel nervous and complicated.

“It’s not a half-hearted reply. I properly read the speech script.”

“Really? Mai has been strange recently.”

Hearing my reply, my brother looked at me with a suspicious look.

I want to say that it’s him who is strange. And this is not the only abnormal behaviour. For example, at school when we go home, back then he usually waits for me at our appointed place, but now he’s picking me up in my classroom. Even on holidays, my brother asks how I will spend my time, and he confirms the schedule on Friday, such as “Do you need to do shopping?”, “No”, “Okay then”.

Perhaps because he watched a human being run over instead of a cat, made his propensity get worse.

But my brother’s graduation is near. Also, since the semester is over, the morning class started last week, so I can’t make any bento boxes. If it’s like this, my brother will successfully hold the death game at his high school.

If that happens, I have no choice but to confine my brother during the death game day. Besides, I must keep an eye on him on graduation day. My brother’s condition after the accident may come from the excitement of seeing a person being run over, albeit with zero bleeding, and his propensity may be worse than in the manga.

“There, Mai, you are being absent-minded again.”

When I turned around with a dissatisfied grunt, my cheek was poked. My brother is poking my cheek with his index finger. He looked at me with indescribable eyes, and when I try to bite his finger, he immediately evaded it.

“You poked my cheek first, why are you evading?”

“Because Mai doesn’t listen to me.”

He said as if sulking and looked back at me.

When I was one-sidedly concerned about my brother for a while, the chime rang. The graduates’ seats are in the order of attendance numbers, so I am sandwiched between Iwai and Yukari-chan. When I returned to my seat after seeing off my brother, Iwai, who sit next to me, nudged my elbow.


“Hasn’t his attitude changed since you had an accident? That person.”


Iwai is curious about my brother’s changes. But my surroundings are different. Other than him and Yukari-chan, surprisingly no one is aware of my brother’s changes.

The reason is that an accident like being hit by a car and hospitalized is a rare occurrence, and that is why only a few people know the optimal solution for how to deal with such a person. So, not even my homeroom teacher or my classmates are wondering when they saw my brother picking me up in the classroom and grabbing my arms all the time.

It wasn’t until three months ago that my brother came all the way to second-grade class but being called with “Your brother is coming!” seems so natural now. Scary.

What the hell does my brother want to do? After the accident, he started to treat me favourably… or that’s how it feels. No, aside from what he actually thinks deep inside, he always has been kind to me, but now I can’t help feeling he seems to be even more touchy than necessary.

“Did something happen to him?”

Iwai seems suspicious. I just answered, “I don’t know” and looked ahead.

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