Desuge Imouto 2

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Kei of ChocoCats

○ 345 DAYS AGO

“Mai, because yesterday you collapsed, you must return home earlier than usual today, okay?”


Knowing who my brother would be in the future, on the next day to go to cram school and go back home, I was a little further away than usual with my brother. Until yesterday, I wouldn’t walk if I don’t hold hands with my brother, but today I can’t.

The ‘Kurobe Mai’ of Sayo Jigoku/Good Hell—the manga version of me, has long straight black hair, and although she’s prideful and cold to those around her, she’s very clingy to her brother. In a nutshell, she has a brother complex.

I always have a ponytail and my hair isn’t that long. But when I looked in the mirror this morning, my face was the same as Kurobe Mai from the manga, and I also love my brother.

But who won’t love it when you were spoiled by a gentle, intelligent, and perfect brother?

Actually, he must have calculated this, thinking “If I spoil my sister, everyone will easily think I’m a gentle older brother. She was annoying but also convenient existence, hahaha.”

Of course, not knowing there was such a hidden motive behind his act, until yesterday, I loved my brother to the point I even declared, “I will marry my brother in the future!”

Kurobe Mai from manga also loved her brother. In the flashback scene of Kurobe-kun’s memories, he said “My dad’s second marriage partner has a daughter who loves me a lot.” Now that I think about it, my brother treats his sister only as an object and calls her “that” in his head. Scary.

And when Kurobe-kun held the death game, he killed Kurobe Mai a day before to disguise her as his corpse. The gender and appearance are different, but the reader didn’t know who the corpse belonged to until the final volume, as he claimed that there would be no difference between men and women if the body messed up.

At this rate, I will be killed and used as my brother’s corpse disguise. I will be like the insects in that box. There is no doubt that the funeral will create a ‘gruesome’ atmosphere and make my parents cry. Even my friends will cry.

Until now, I’ve been trying to follow my brother everywhere, to put it nicely, like a chick chasing a parent bird. But actually, more like a goldfish poop that still clings to its body. I even tried to unlock the toilet before I was caught by mom. (Means she even followed her bro to toilet… ew)

But I won’t do that anymore. If I act just like Kurobe Mai did in the manga, I will experience the same thing too, being killed by my beloved brother. At a minimum, I still have to greet and answer what I’m asked.

“Somehow, Mai feels far today.”

“Yeah. I want to get stronger so I will distance myself from my brother.”


“I’m aiming for the top. Like that mountain.”

“But there is no mountain.”

My brother would have wondered why I put some distance from him. But rather than looking lonely because his sister is avoiding him… his eyes look suspicious toward me.

I’m sure that the tragedy will occur even if I keep the distance as it is. It’s just a matter of siblings’ relationship, and my brother wouldn’t even change his mindset because of that.

But if I can change his twisted mindset… If I can change his thought of playing on human life to humanity, I will be able to prevent that tragedy.

Even though he will become a demonic mastermind killer in the future, my brother currently is not a mass murderer. If possible, I want my brother to be alive and happy. This feeling so far still exists.

Kurobe-kun in the manga said, “It was boring because nothing unexpected happened.”

Don’t kill forty people for such a reason!

I want to say that. But for my brother, it’s probably big enough for a reason to kill. My brother likes to kill creatures, just as how people enjoy eating delicious food and playing around.

Then what should I do? There is only one answer. I just have to take actions that my brother did not expect.

All I have to do is to provide surprise elements to my brother who seeks the unexpected. By taking unexpected actions, I will show my brother that “the world you see isn’t that simple” and “there are a lot of unexpected things.”

It’s about a year before the death game is held. I think it’s better than knowing my brother’s identity the day before the tragedy. By then, I will change my brother’s cruel, intellectual curiosity and rewrite the tragedy into a happy one.

However, I can’t tell him that “I know everything you will do”. If I’m too hasty, I will quickly be eliminated as an “annoying person.” Therefore, I should take unexpected actions as much as I can without making my brother realize that I know his true nature.

In other words, by giving my brother surprises, I can save the lives of his future classmates… and himself.

“Onii-chan, I’ll show you something good!”

When I said that while approaching the pond, my brother turned to me. Our eyes met but I pretend to not be aware. For my brother, this world is boring, and he thinks I’m just an annoying decoration.

But that’s fine. From now on it will be different. I will show him that this living decoration is actually full of surprises.

“Kurobe Mai is going innnnnnnnn!!!”

I shouted out loud and raise my hand enthusiastically.

The children playing in the park suddenly focused their eyes on me. My brother calls out with a troubled voice, but I don’t care. I kicked up the ground and ran. Then I jumped into the pond, making a big splash.


As soon as I raised my face to the surface, I heard my brother’s voice. He has a surprised look. My brother in the manga pushed me down playfully, but now he’s surprised when I did it myself. I smiled at what I had done as planned, and when I got out of the pond myself, my brother wiped my head with a towel.

“What are you doing?”

“Well… relieving your stress from the exam?”

“…What? No, for now, we should go home.”

My brother looks at me with suspicion. But he may just adjust himself from the surprise. My brother is having a boring day, and his sister, whom he tried to push down, jumped in by herself. It will be full of surprises and very entertaining for him. Because of this, he might be having fun inside.

Gradually provide surprises to him, make him think it’s more exciting to see his sister than having to hold a death game. I will do whatever it takes for that.



I looked straight at my brother. As usual, his eyes are so black that I can’t tell what’s inside. But I won’t lose. With my unexpected surprises, I’ll make those eyes gleaming, just like the characters in the shoujo manga I’m reading.

To prevent my brother from causing the tragedy next year.

“I will do my best!”

I clenched my fist strongly and gave my thumb to my brother.

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