Desuge Imouto 19

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Kei of ChocoCats

○ 252 DAYS AGO

Somehow, I feel a terrible pain in my head, and a piercing smell of strong disinfectant makes my nose hurt. While feeling unknown discomfort, I opened my eyes to see the familiar scene from my previous life—the hospital’s ceiling.


When I looked to my side, my mother looked surprised. “Mai!” She called me while reaching her hands to my bedside. I think she’s pushing the nurse call button. I thought of it vaguely, but my guess seems to be correct, as a nurse immediately rushed in.

“My daughter’s consciousness has returned!”

“I understand. I will call the doctor right away.”

As soon as she saw me, the nurse rushed out quickly. Now that I think about it clearly, I was run over by a truck. I’m probably being hospitalized. But somehow, my body is working fine, and there is no evidence of any fractures. There are some scratches on my palm, but…

When I looked at my mother’s face, her face looks like she almost burst into tears, “you didn’t wake up for three days!”

“Uhm, where is Onii-chan…?”

“He went to school. He has been in the hospital room all the time. Because taking 3 days off straight is not allowed, I have to send him to school…”

“Onii-chan did…?”

I wonder… Was he waiting for me to die…? But the cat didn’t die… And my body isn’t messed up or there isn’t any lots of blood coming out or my condition going worse…

“Mom, I… what really happened when I was run over…?”

“Why do you ask me that? Is there something wrong?”

“Um… I just wish there is no photos taken and spread on the internet or something…”

After I said that, my mother seems to understand and opened her lips.

“You were thrown out and fell exactly at the garbage dump… I was worried because you only have some scratches, you might have internal bleeding inside your head… But the test results were normal. Only bruises on your arms and legs. And you just didn’t regain consciousness for three days.”

“No way…”

But receiving some scratches is better than seeing a cat being run over. The moment I was thrown into the trash can was questionable… but it’s better than having a lot of blood splattered. As soon as I feel relieved, the doctor came. Because I had to undergo various tests, I left the room with a wheelchair that was prepared before.

T/N: Short chapter, the next chapter will be posted soon, I’m working on it!

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