Desuge Imouto 14

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Kei of ChocoCats

● 257 DAYS AGO

(This is Makoto’s POV)

I don’t care about others’ feelings. It doesn’t matter if anyone dies or not. However, living with that kind of mindset is “unusual”, and unusual things usually are discarded in society.

But honestly, I don’t even care if Mai is saying imprudent things about Nojima.

Rather, I was expecting her to be stabbed.

Seeing a man kill three or four people by stabbing, I thought would be a wonderful view.

However, because the principal let Nojima go early, I was unable to see the stabbing moment. And after that, I’m even more disappointed that she didn’t even die.

“I was so worried about Mai when the criminal was still around.” I look anxious and act like a good, dignified brother. It’s all a lie though.

I was wondering if possible, for she would be stabbed instead. I don’t actually want my sister to die, but I’m interested in the moment when a person is stabbed up close. When I heard that the victim’s characteristics usually were brown-haired semi-long, I felt disappointed because it was different from Mai’s characteristics.

“Ah, the station building is already built this much…”

As we walked for a while, Mai looked unpleasantly at a building that had recently begun to be built, as if she was fed up looking at it. It hasn’t even been completed yet, but it has a large monitor installed for promotional purposes. The cheesy promotion to go with family, friends, or lovers, was repeated.

It seems that humans cannot live alone. During the moral and ethics class at elementary school, the teacher once said that if people don’t support each other, life will be painful, and they will crumble.

But is that really the case? People fall in love and have children. Even though I was taught that if humans didn’t do that, the number of people will not increase and the country will not be established, actually I think it’s different.

At least I’ve never thought of being alone as “lonely” or “painful”.

In the first place, I don’t have any memory of being sad. Looking at books and humans, I can understand when I feel “sad” and “painful”. However, I was able to take it as knowledge, not apply it to myself.

When I think about it, Mai often cries, gets angry, and laughs. She smiles when she eats delicious food and cries when she’s watching a sad TV drama. There are also times when she’s angry while watching TV. I wonder if she’s not tired of changing emotions all the time like that.

(Why does Makoto’s thought get me thinking he’s not human…)

But I’m sure Mai will be categorized as a ‘human being’.

I thought vaguely while observing Mai who is watching the monitor about human relationships.

T/N: it was a short chapter, and the next one will be long, I will try to not split the chap, and to post maybe tomorrow or Tues don’t believe this, I’m such a liar…

I quit my job and now am recovering my both mental and physical health. thanks for all the words of encouragement, I’m sorry I can’t reply to all the comments.

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  1. I’m excited for Makoto to catch feelings for Mai 😀 It’s fun to see a chap from his PoV.

    Congrats on quitting!! Getting a new job is no fun, but opening a brand new chapter of your life is!!! So congrats 😀 You’ve worked hard, and you deserve an environment that you love and enjoy, and also challenges you. Cheers to finding that next adventure 😀

    And ofc, thank you for your excellent translations!

  2. A few things mai could consider doing is not using her hands for a day or dressing up as a dino for a day (on the weekend of course)

    I am the expert at doing weird and unexpected things. Its funny seeing my friends’ various reactions 😂 it makes us all happy when i act goofy and it makes people who might think my my friends are weird to only compare them to me instead. They would think that my friends are perfectly fine compared to the crazily dressed maniac who isnt matched properly at all and looks like a bum off the street. (There was a moment previously where my friend started trying to talk to the person who was helping us. My friend looked like she was struggling so i put my arm straight up into the air like a pole and announced my name. I didnt go too overboard though and i was wearing normal cloths too. After the person left my friend asked if she wasnt too awkward or stiff. Asked if she didnt do anything weird or embarrassing to herself infront of the other party. She seemed pretty fluent in the conversation though so thats what i told her. Let her know that even if she did do something embarrassing, compared to me, she was perfectly fine and i was the complete weirdo that the person should avoid instead)

    Then again, it was probably overthinking and unnecessary but whatever, its fun sometimes to do something out of the norm.

    Congratuations on officaly being able to quit your job and thank you for the translations!!

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