Desuge Imouto 11

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Kei of ChocoCats

○ 307 DAYS AGO

I have no choice but to manage on my way home.

I’m doing the reading session preparation when I’m at school, and even at home. A day before the scheduled reading session at school, I cling to my brother’s hand while suppressing my sleepiness on my way home. I’m sure he will be surprised when I suddenly cling to him while walking.

“Hm? What is it?”

Or that’s what I thought.

My brother just gave me a smile at my futile attempt. He’s not surprised and the reaction he gave me is lukewarm. Don’t tell me, because I’ve been preparing for the reading session for the last 2 days without sleeping, he assumed my abnormal behaviours are because of lack of sleep…? If that is so, then it’s a miss.

“Now, here is the question! How will I feel if I bite Onii-chan’s arm right now?”

My brother is smart. He will feel troubled if everything goes as expected. But I’m sure he will not grasp my real intention.

“I don’t know. Sleepy, maybe?” he gave that answer while shaking his head. I feel my face burning and I gaze into the red sky. (TL: another fail, poor Mai lol)

“It will be nice if tomorrow is really the last. For reading session.”

“It will. I’m sure Nojima-sensei will feel fulfilled after doing it once.”

My brother sighs. The teacher’s existence would have been stressful for my brother. I haven’t confirmed it yet, but I’m sure the insects inside the morgue box on the porch have increased. I went home while looking at the scenery with a melancholy feeling.  

T/N: Very very very short, just around 250 words, ahahaha… but translating this have made two translators stressed out lol.

See you in next chapter!

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