Desuge Imouto 10

Author: Inaida Sou
Translator: Kei of ChocoCats

○ 309 DAYS AGO

After school, all club activities, even the student council were cancelled, and the students were forced to leave school.

The corpses found so far have been housewives from the elderly, but the ones found in the mountain may have been close to high school students of our age.

Therefore, the student council was held during the lunch break on Tuesday after the three consecutive holidays, and the first word the teacher said was that the reading session would be cancelled.

“Even though everyone worked hard, it’s really regrettable…”

Everyone thought that the meeting is only for a brief moment, so only a few students brought their lunches to the student council room. If the talk is prolonged, they wouldn’t even be able to eat lunch.

However, Nojima-sensei keep talking about the cancelled reading session with a lot of words, and everyone was fidgeting to finish it as soon as possible. After all, everyone could have imagined that it would be cancelled. Even though the incident happened in the middle of summer vacation, the criminal still hasn’t been caught, and rather the crime scene is approaching the school.

“That’s why I asked the principal and I got permission to do it inside the school… Even though we couldn’t do the reading session at the kindergarten, everyone, let’s do our best again!”

Everyone was stunned by Nojima-sensei’s words. Is this suffering will still going on? Such thought was written on their face. Actually, everyone was glancing around, and I also look at my brother.

“Also, even though the reading session is supposed to be held in kindergarten by the end of the month, the gymnasium can only be used this weekend afternoon.”

The teacher’s words made everyone confused this time. Even the picture-story show has just finished drafting, colouring, and cutting out, and is about to be put into the assembly. I even haven’t read through the story. Today is Tuesday. We don’t have enough time to pull it on weekends. It will be better if it was only one person reading, but Nojima-sensei said that “if everyone read it together, it will be more exciting!”

“I’m sure it will be exciting! Everyone, let’s do our best!”

Nojima-sensei smiles. Until now, everyone nodded vaguely to her words, but this time they just glanced at each other and couldn’t even move their heads.

“That teacher is surely a pain in the ass! What the hell, she’s not even a teacher yet!”

After being freed from the council’s meeting, the first thing that came out of Iwai’s mouth was a grunt. The lunch break will be over in five minutes, so we can’t have lunch. Rather, what is he doing going to my class as he pleased? Yukari-chan who seems to be drawing alone in the classroom, responded to him with anxiety, “is it Nojima-sensei again…?”

“The reading session has been cancelled, but instead we will read in front of everyone on Friday’s lunch break.”

“Ehh, y-you said you haven’t read the book at all right? How about the picture-story assembling…? W-we won’t make it on time… Aren’t we still prohibited to stay after school for this week?”

“She said we will make it in time if we do our best.”

“No way, that’s impossible. There aren’t enough people and time. No matter how much you estimate it, you need at least 6 days including the weekend to finish…!”

Yukari-chan closed her eyes while whining. Somehow, she squeezed her cheeks while letting out a whimper and closes her eyes again.

“Also, I’m sure they’ll be complained about reading practice… It feels like, they want to compensate it by agreeing to whatever idea was thrown to them.”


“What to do…”

If my brother becomes busy, he won’t have any killing activities for a while. But I’m afraid if he keeps holding back, it will explode. My surprise providing also hindered. I can endure until the end of this week, but if Nojima-sensei said, ‘let’s hold a regular reading session to make up for the cancelled event!’ I’m done for…

As I tried to dispel the anxiety I couldn’t hold, I laid my head on Yukari’s desk until the bell rang.

T/N: again, I’m very sorry about my instability updates. Hope you enjoy and see you next week!

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